Embracing Life is active in the African village of Agou - Apegamé in Togo (West Africa). The non-profit association has a unique approach because the local population is involved in the entire project.


This gives the population a sense of self-esteem, commitment and responsibility. The aim of the non-profit organization is to promote education and vocational training for both young people and adults and to reduce illiteracy.


On the other hand creating employment. Education stabilizes a society and more resources means more diversity in terms of education. We agree that education brings social equality and means future. Without it, without education means a life of 'Survival of the fittest'.


When man does not evolve, he stagnates in a hopeless situation that ruins his future. The non-profit organization seeks to raise awareness about investments in education and training in those countries where many people seek a hopeless way out of Europe, and thus also Belgium. Poverty arises as a result of inadequate employment. At the same time, Europe has a lot to do with a flow of refugees because of false propaganda from the countries of origin.